A video posted on TikTok by KongVlog (kongvlog39), a pet owner who has been sharing his daily life with his dogs and cats in Japan, has gone viral.

One of his two dogs, Kotarō, is blind. When he wants to go somewhere, he has difficulty getting there.

On this particular day, Kotarō wanted to go to the bathroom, but he couldn't see where it was, so he wandered around the area of the room looking for it.

Kotaro's housemate Kinako, saw what was going on, so she decided to take action...



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"Kinako realized that Kotarō needed to use the bathroom so she guided him to it."

Kinako-chan was right beside him, supporting him any way she could.

We can only imagine that Kinako understood that Kotarō was blind and wanted to help him.

Even though they can't communicate with each other through words as humans do, these canine housemates share a bond.

The viral video has over 211,000 likes at the time of writing, and elicited numerous comments such as:

  • "How kind she is. I was so moved..."
  • "Wow. These two dogs are so smart!"
  • "I cried seeing the bonds that these two share. Her kindness is a balm on my heart..."

It's not hard to understand why this video tugs at your heartstrings and resonated with so many people.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.