No matter how many fans a household has of sushi, it's not quite a suitable meal to share with a baby. Fortunately for Japanese Twitter user and father Koharu no Papa (@springpapa1), his wife is quite creative and considerate in the kitchen.

To celebrate the one year birthday of their daughter, his wife put together a special menu of sushi with ingredients safe for the baby to enjoy, and the pictures he shared of it have charmed many on Twitter.

Because sushi doesn't actually require raw fish or meat (the only requirements are shari, sushi rice, and neta, a topping), this in itself isn't so surprising, but the skill and attention to detail with which she recreated actual restaurant sushi with substitute ingredients is incredible!

Source: @springpapa1

Source: @springpapa1

As you can see, without knowing the ingredients you might think you'd been served a gourmet sushi dinner with no changes. Koharu no Papa provided a list of the substituted toppings and ingredients his wife used when artistically arranging the sushi.

Top row, left to right:

Uni (eel)-substituted with kabocha pumpkin.

Shirasu (whitebait)-no substitute.

Tamago (egg)-no substitute.

Tuna-no substitute.

Bottom row, left to right:

Ika (squid)-substituted with daikon radish.

Maguro (tuna)-substituted with tomato.

Salmon-substituted with carrot.

Wasabi-substituted with edamame paste.

"The sushi for our baby my wife made is just too adorable, so I'd like you to take a look!"

Koharu no Papa added that his wife cut the nori seaweed used on the gunkan maki sushi pieces so that it would be easier for the baby to eat. Many left impressed comments, saying the creative sushi looked just like the real deal, and that they would have no problem picking it up off of a sushi conveyor belt.

Koharu no Papa said his wife found the recipe for the sushi she served on Instagram, so perhaps you can try your hand at baby food sushi yourself.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.