Popular Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger usually gets attention for its creative burgers, such as their overflowing Mac 'n' Cheese Croquette Burger or eye-catching Green Teriyaki Burger, but they're also known for their unusual milk shakes, with their rich New Year's sake shake being a primary example.

Their latest shake definitely keeps things interesting, as it takes one of Kamakura's most beloved sweets and recreates it in a crunchy and creamy milkshake--a raisin sandwich milkshake!

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The new limited edition (an exclusive to select Tokyo and Kangawa locations) milkshake is actually called the "Raisin shake with biscuits by Kamakura Ogawaken". That's because it serves as a milkshake recreation of the pride and joy of traditional sweets maker Ogawaken, located in Kamakura--the raising sandwich, or "raisinwich".

The raisinwich serves up high quality raisins and a rich buttercream in between vanilla and almond sable cookies, and is a well sought-out treat and souvenir from the longstanding confectionery store.

Source: PR Times

With an opportunity to try one of Kamakura's most celebrated sweets in an all new way, we decided to grab a shake ourselves and see what the milkshake version was all about.

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The first thing we noticed was that the vanilla shake's special raisin cream sauce that contains minced raisins and whole currants, was especially thick and frothy, giving the shake a layered texture worthy of a healthy stir.

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The shake is served with a package of Ogawaken's famous Kamakura Biscuits, which are butter sable topped with chopped almonds. The biscuits can be enjoyed on their own or dipped into the shake, but it's recommended to break them up and mix them into the shake--so that's what we did!

The result was a delicious blend of cream and crunch that really did feel like a drinkable version of the Kamakura raisin sandwich delicacy. While there's no alcohol in the shake, the blend of buttery cookies and rich raisin cream and vanilla gave the shake a strong but sweet and luxurious rum raisin taste that's definitely worth seeking out at Kanagawa and Tokyo Mos Burger locations.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.