Cats and small children sometimes get along surprisingly well.

Sometimes they play with each other and even sleep together. It must be a trusting relationship that transcends species.

The owner of the Twitter account at (@tsukune216) posts the daily life of their two cats Tsukune-kun and Himari-chan on Twitter.

He also happen to have a new addition to the family of the human variety.

One day, when he was watching the video feed from the babycam, he witnessed this heartwarming scene:

"I really can't believe it. Much respect for this cat. He was watching over my baby, making sure he got to sleep, then snuggled up to him. Thank you."

Even though you can't see it in too much detail, it almost looks like Tsukune's expression shows the love of a parent trying to put his or her child to sleep.

Tsukune-kun is a good caretaker, but when he's with his human, he's usually the one getting pampered.

Tsukune's fatherly behavior elicited many reactions on Twitter, such as:

  • "I want to give this a million likes. I'm truly moved."
  • "How wholesome... So happy to behold such a precious sight!"
  • "It reminded me of the time when I was sick with a fever and my cat stayed by my side."

According to the account owner, he is sometimes impressed by Tsukune's responsible behavior. He'll probably get along great with his baby boy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.