On the 18th of August 2021, officials and individuals gathered at an inauguration ceremony held in Chiyoda Ward to announce popular bear character Rilakkuma as the city’s new tourism ambassador.
Though this idea of appointing a fictional character into a position of importance might be strange to some, it is not a relatively new concept in Japan, with other well-known characters having currently or previously held similar roles (such as with Pokémon’s Slowpoke in Kagawa Prefecture).

Well-known for it’s chilled-out attitude and appreciation of taking things easy, the bear has been conveying the charm of Chiyoda through the catchphrase “Let’s explore and relax in Chiyoda Ward".
If you’d like to catch up with Rilakkuma in Chiyoda Ward, the bear is planning a collaboration with RESTAURANT 1899 OCHANOMIZU and RESTAURANT F. The joint project will start on the 14th of March and will include limited-time menus and merchandise sales.
Below is a brief introduction to the dishes planned for the event period.

Rilakkuma Curry

Price: 1,500 yen
Offer time: Cafe / Dinner
*Limited to just 20 meals per day

Chill out with this bowl of Japanese soup stock keema curry, complete with mounds of brown rice fashioned into the image of Rilakkuma. The bear appears to be relaxing on a “cushion” made out of scrambled egg yolk, and is accompanied by a selection of hearty vegetables.

Korilakkuma Parfait

Price: 1,700 yen
Offer time: Cafe
*Limited to just 15 meals per day

This Japanese parfait combines Korilakkuma’s favourite fruit – strawberries – with Japanese tea, through a fusion of Strawberry and matcha flavoured jellies, whipped cream, matcha-flavoured cake and pudding shaped to resemble the adorable white bear.

Rilakkuma's latte

Price: 900 yen
Offer time: Cafe / Dinner
*Availability at Dinner time is limited to weekdays only. Available at Cafe time throughout the week.

This collection of latte drinks consists of three variations: a roasted green tea latte with honey, a Japanese black tea latte paired with strawberry sauce and a sencha latte accompanied by yuzu and ginger confiture.
Each drink comes with a mixer featuring a print of Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma or Kiiroitori.

Antarctic chef Rilakkuma collaboration curry

Price: 1,500 yen
*Limited availability

This curry has been pieced together by a former Antarctic Research Expedition chef. With its recipe of more than 10 types of onions and spices, each bite is filled with endless nutrition. Of course, it’s made even better by the adorable Rilakkuma-shaped rice featured in the middle of the dish.
Each portion comes with salad, soup and an original coaster (limited number).

F's Cookies Sakura blooming Rilakkuma

Price: 700 yen
*Limited availability

Get into the sakura season mood with these Rilakkuma cookies decorated with delicate cherry blossom icing petals.

Rilakkuma Chiyoda Tourism Ambassador Memorial Ramune

Price (10 tablets): 650 yen
*Limited availability

A collection of 10 ramune sweet tablets decorated with motifs resembling Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiroitori, Chairoikoguma and cherry blossom petals.
10 tablets are included in each purchase.

Chiyoda City Tourism Ambassador Rilakkuma Collaboration Cafe Menu Overview

Sales Venues and dates:
RESTAURANT 1899 OCHANOMIZU, 14 March – 31 May 2022
RESTAURANT F, 15 March – 30 June 2022

By - Connie Sceaphierde.