On the Japanese calendar, Hinamatsuri, also known as Girl's Day, is a day to circle. Although celebrated on March 3rd, in the days leading up to the event, many families will display ornamental dolls in their house as a way of praying for the health, success, and wellbeing of young women.

But it appears it's not just humans that get in on the celebration. Pomurin and Powa-tan, two cat sisters who live with Twitter user @pom_powa_nyan, just couldn't help but feel as if they felt like they belonged right beside the charming traditional doll display in their house.

And when looking at the adorable picture @pom_powa_nyan shared, can you really blame them?

Source: @pom_powa_nyan

"It seems like there are two imposters here but maybe that's just my imagination."

The picture charmed many on Twitter, with many leaving comments about how well-behaved the cats appear and how naturally they fit in on the display--which may make them an annual fixture.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.