While we're used to Nissin turning heads with their instant ramen mainstay Cup Noodle by adding mystery fried chicken and releasing soda versions of popular flavors, they've actually done so by departing from the food and drink realm lately.

In the past year, Nissin has released clever Cup Noodle humidifiers and fashionable pouches, and even proposed the idea of Cup Noodle bath salts and bombs.

Nissin has once again thought up a crazy-enough-it-just-might work design and shared it on their Twitter account, this time with a Japanese pun that turns Cup Noodle into ear plugs and earbuds!

The photos are shared with the Japanese caption "mimi ni mini (耳にミニ)", or "mini for your ears", as "mimi" is Japanese for "ears". The phrase is a reference to Nissin's Mini Cup Noodle (a miniature sized version of the product) shown in the picture on the left, only with "mimi" written on the label.

As silly as it may initially sound, the shape of the Mini Cup Noodle perfectly translate into ear plugs and earbuds, and have many in the replies charmed and saying they would purchase it if it were commercialized.

Unfortunately, the item is only a design at this point, but in the past Nissin has responded to such positive feedback with the idea of trying to work toward an official release some day, so you may be filling your ears with Cup Noodle in the future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.