If you're a fan of Vtuber project NIJISANJI, NIJISANJI EN, NIJISANJI ID, NIJISANJI KR or VirtuaReal, then you're probably already familiar with the company that produces them, ANYCOLOR, Inc.

In fact, some of our readers may even have been so inspired by the world of Vtubers created by ANYCOLOR and their talented virtual entertainers that they've considered applying for auditions, like the one for NIJISANJI EN which just began today, March 4th, 2022.

Recruiting students graduating in 2023

But what if you have creative skills more suited to working behind the scenes? If you're a student currently living in Japan or have plans to arrive in Japan before graduating in time to begin working at the start of the Japanese fiscal year in April 2023, you might be interested to know that ANYCOLOR, Inc. is now recruiting.

The company is mainly looking for people who have been involved in creative activities during their school years, including studying at an art school or vocational school, and independent studies. ANYCOLOR, Inc. hopes to welcome new colleagues eager to work with them to create what they call 「魔法のような、新体験。」 mahō no yō na, shin taken or "Magical New Experiences."


ANYCOLOR, Inc. is now hiring for the following three creative positions.

Please read the conditions and details carefully before submitting your application.

Positions available:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • 3D Engineer


Submit documents (Application form / portfolio submission)
↓ (successful applicants)
Company information session and 1st interview
↓ (successful applicants)
Second round of interviews
↓ (successful applicants)
Final interview
↓ (successful applicants)
Informal job offer

This process is subject to change.

Additional information for non-Japanese applicants:

We have confirmed with ANYCOLOR's human resources department that non-Japanese applicants are also welcome to apply, as long as they have a valid visa and are living in Japan (are able to commute to the office) when their employment begins. Moreover, since the application form is in Japanese and the interview will be conducted in Japanese, fluency in written and spoken Japanese is probably assumed. If you have any questions, please contact ANYCOLOR, Inc. here.

Application forms:

You can also view a slide presentation geared towards hopeful applicants (updated on March 1st, 2022) here.

For up-to-date information on ANYCOLOR's recruitment, please follow their official Twitter account.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.