Few things can pressure a person with guilt and the feeling of being watched intently than a cat glaring at them, but it doesn't always work on other cats.

Japanese Twitter user @wataneko_tsuki, who lives with their two Scottish Fold cats, the adorable sister and brother pairing of Tsuki and Shiratama, snapped a photo of the kitty couple that reminds of that.

Apparently, @wataneko_tsuki took the photo shortly after Shiratama had stepped directly on top of a cushion Tsuki had been resting in. As you can see, Tsuki is none-too-happy with her brother's trampling offense, and is staring a hole in him. However, there's a very simple reason Shiratama doesn't have a care in a world--he's currently kitty high as a kite!

Source: @wataneko_tsuki

Apparently, Shiratama is enjoying the aftereffects of a serving of catnip, and isn't bothered at all by the snarling Tsuki behind him. Many were enamored with the gap between Tsuki's comically threatening face and Shiratama's expression of blissful ignorance.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.