There are numerous restaurants in the world.

Most of them are located in commercial facilities, around train stations, and other places where many people gather.

However, some restaurants are located in places that are generally unknown to the public.

TikTok user Doraegon (doraegon3636) posted a great example on his account. The restaurant is located past the station's ticket gates, through a service corridor and on the other side of what looks like a door for station personnel...

@doraegon3636 絶対にたどり着かない食堂 #tiktokグルメ #大阪グルメ #難波グルメ #隠れ家 #食堂 ♬ Athletic Meet "Heaven and Hell" (No Introduction) - Shinonome

After borrowing a special entrance pass from a station attendant at Namba Station, he went through the ticket gate and went straight to the back of the station, instead of heading for the platform, where he found a sign that read "No Entry Except for Cafeteria Users and Personnel".

What lay beyond the door was the employee cafeteria that Nankai Electric Railway Co. employees use on a daily basis!

Doraegon ate the daily set meal for 470 yen and ramen for 280 yen!

Although the prices differ from those for employees, the set menus for the general public are also available at prices ranging between 400 to 500 yen, which is very wallet-friendly.

According to Doraegon, the entrance pass allows you to use the cafeteria but you're not supposed to board trains with it.

It seems that many people did not know about this employee cafeteria which was also open to the general public.

Some of the comments the video elicited were:

  • "...Sounds cheap and tasty! I use the Nankai Line every day, but I didn't know that."
  • "It looks like one of those places only frequented by people in the know, which is nice."
  • "A hole-in-the-wall with good cost performance! I want to go there."

According to the Doraegon, employees are given priority when the cafeteria is crowded, so please keep that in mind.

If you're in the Osaka area and looking for a cheap, tasty meal in an unusual location, why not give it a try?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.