Itohkyuemon is a Japanese tea specialist store which was founded in 1832, and is based in Uji, an area of Kyoto known for producing top quality green tea. These days they have a few branches dotted around Kyoto for tea enthusiasts to visit, and if you’re a fan of matcha desserts, you won’t be disappointed.

Itohkyuemon have taken the matcha parfait to new dizzying heights, with gorgeously presented desserts packed with their signature Uji matcha. They even have seasonal offerings, inspired by different events and occasions. This month, they’ve released their take on springtime, and it’s just as pretty as you would expect.

The teahouse’s ‘Sakura Matcha Parfait’ is topped with pink rice flour dumplings, sakura-flavoured red bean paste, sakura crushed jelly, pink kanten, sakura ice cream and a sakura kinton as the centrepiece. The bottom layers are made up of rice puffs, home made matcha jelly, matcha syrup, and more.

This tall glass of springtime can be ordered in a special new sakura tea set, which includes the parfait, a cup of matcha, and a sakura matcha daifuku.

The matcha-sakura sweets extravaganza doesn’t stop there, Itohkyuemon are also serving up a new sakura matcha sweets set, which lets you experience eight different sweets at once. It includes sakura daifuku, strawberry matcha rollcake, sakura ice cream, matcha ice cream, matcha cheesecake, matcha nama chocolate, hojicha nama chocolate, and a mini parfait.

All of these blossom-inspired wonders can be found at the Uji Honten, JR Uji station and Gion Shijo branches of Itohkyuemon during the spring season.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.