Japanese model, cosplayer, and makeup artist Koichi Nomura (Twitter, Instagram) describes themselves as "villain model", and has a fondness for vampires, so it should come as no surprise they can stylishly pull off some pretty distinct looks.

Nomura recently attended a friend's wedding, where many others in celebrating were reminded of that or learned it very quickly. The model recently shared on Twitter a now viral episode of how they recently attended an online wedding reception of the first time.

While many functions are being held online nowadays, Nomura wasn't quite sure what the dress code or vibe was for one, but decided that the virtual world was no excuse to skimp on appearances. So the model made sure to be their with bells on:

Source: @mo24yu

However when attendees were turned to switch their cameras on, Nomura quickly realized that there was quite the gap between their appearance and that of the other guests!

Source: @mo24yu

Nomura's room is decorated with a very festive setup including balloons (including one of a giant champagne bottle), a banner that says "I want to go to the wedding in Yamagata!", and a sash wishing the newly wedded couple a happy wedding.

Thanks to it being an online reception, Nomura was able to capture their expression the moment they realized they may have read the vibe of the room wrong:

Source: @mo24yu

"I got invited to my first ever online wedding, and I didn't really know what to do so I decided to go-all out in terms of celebrating...this is me when someone at the event told me to turn on my camera. Was I left out of the loop of communication here??"

Nomura added that their reasoning for the decorations and outfit was that they thought "just because it's online wedding, doesn't mean a normal boring room is OK, and decided to truly be their in spirit.

Fortunately, Nomura says that their friend getting married and their mother were very appreciative of their enthusiasm to celebrate--as were many who responded to the post saying things like they would loved to have someone so gung-ho and memorable at their reception.

At the very least, Nomura has another look to add to their resume.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.