Most dog owners will appreciate how their canine friends can often be creatures of habit, with slight changes to their routines sometimes resulting in dramatic responses.

This is especially true of Hana, a famously stubborn shiba inu in Japan who is quite well known for theatrics at the vet and particularly for her stop-and-go antics when taking walks.

Hana's owner @87shiba87 recently shared an even more dramatic example of the particular shiba's defiance, this time when attempting to take her for a walk on a rainy day.

As you can see, even with an adorable miniature raincoat, Hana is not a fan of her routine being interrupted by poor weather, and according to the owner, the now wet pavement she usually crosses with no problem.

Source: @87shiba87

Her face says it all.

Source: @87shiba87

Hana's unwavering look of disappointment is charming enough on its own, but the episode gets even more adorable when you realize just like the rain, it gives way to a much sunnier disposition. It turns out Hana was a trooper and was able to put up with the wet pavement and make her way to her favorite park.

Source: @87shiba87

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.