Japanese culinary expert リュウジ Ryūji (@ore825) posts videos on "Ryuji's Buzz Recipe," a popular YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers.

As a result of the ongoing Russian military invasion of Ukraine, however, one of his recent videos has suddenly put him in the media spotlight after a surge of comments criticizing the subject matter.

As is clear from the video, the content is in no way supportive of Russia's military invasion, and there were an equal number of comments rejecting such bashing.

The incident was reported by several Japanese media outlets, drawing more attention to the video.

However, Ryūji wasn't content to just passively observe his video playback numbers go up and just rejoice in that fact. His subsequent actions were also very noteworthy, and elicited even further reactions, especially from his fans.

The day after posting the video, Ryuji updated his Twitter page, with the following:

I expect that the number of views for this video, which unexpectedly made (the news) because of its reference to Russian cuisine (...), will go up quite a bit, so I've decided to donate all advertising revenue from this video to Ukraine.

I pray that the world doesn't become a place where delicious Russian food disappears.

Ryuji's Twitter account

Here's the video, in which Ryuji makes a delicious-looking chicken dish with butter, onion, garlic, and the cooked juices of fresh uncured onions instead of water, based on a recipe in Русская кухня в изгнании (Russian Cuisine in Exile), by Петр Вайль (Pyotr Vail) and Александр Генис (Alexander Genis).

Ryuji's actions were well-received, with many voices of support and praise. For example:

  • "I support Ryuji's decision to face this sensitive issue head-on."
  • "I am impressed that Ryuji is taking this approach and redirecting the negative energy in a positive direction."
  • "Cooking has no borders. I will contribute to increasing the number of views!"

Surely there are people all over the world who are wishing that peace will return as soon as possible.

At the same time, it seems that some people are harboring hostile feelings toward Russia out of concern for the Ukrainian people.

In these difficult times, Ryuji's actions may encourage people to think about what they can do to do the right thing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.