For most families, when parents see their beloved daughter in their wedding dress, their hearts are filled with emotions as they contemplate the beginning of their daughter's new journey in life. Things are no different in Japan.

However, Twitter user Nam (@namake_ut) angered her mom when she revealed how she looked in her wedding dress.

Here is the reason why.

Reproduced with permission from Nam (@namake_ut)

"I actually had a wedding, but my lats were so big that I looked so fine in my dress lol.
My mom was mad at me, but the staff at the wedding gave me lots of compliments saying how ripped how looked!!

The muscles on her back and arms are quite impressive! If her mother didn't know about her daughter's body building, it's no wonder she had a strong reaction.

Nevertheless, her mother's "anger" was surely only temporary and it was more a reaction of surprise than anything else.

In any case, the staff at the wedding venue had nothing but praise for Nam's buff look and her stunning dress deserved praise too!

Nam's photo elicited many comments, such as:

  • "It's so cool! I just love it!"
  • "This, too, is attractive! Thinness is not the only criterion for beauty."
  • "Nam's mom. Your daughter looks very cool and beautiful in her dress."
  • "Go girl, show off that beautiful back!"

Nam's muscles are a testament to the hard work that she put into her training and are clearly something she's proud of. And if the comments are any indication, she's also an inspiration to others!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.