With an all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet in Tokyo and colonel's spices-scented bath bombs, Japan has a lot of ways for KFC fans to show their love that goes beyond the standard fried chicken order.

Now KFC Japan is asking for the biggest show of love from their fans, in a contest that will award one lucky winner their very own Colonel Sanders mobile battery.

The contest is being held to mark the 52nd anniversary of Kentucky Fried Chicken first opening in Japan (March 15th, 1970), and while 100 fans will be awarded a 500 yen digital KFC card, 1 fan will be given a mobile battery and charger that's a 1/5 replica (35cm) of the signature Colonel Sanders statues found in front of KFC stores.

The contest is a Twitter campaign being run until March 24th in Japan. The requirements are simply to follow the official KFC Japan Twitter account, and hit the button to Retweet #ケンタッキー愛を叫べ ("Shout your love for KFC!"). The fan who "shouts their love the most" will be gifted the Sanders battery.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.