If you’ve ever set foot in Tokyo’s Asakusa district chances are that you have crossed paths with a rickshaw or two. They’re pretty hard to miss, as you’ll often come across them with great beaming smiles as they effortlessly tug customers around to sightseeing hotspots in the area.
These human-powered vehicles we’re once a popular form of transport within Tokyo and other major Asian cities during the 19th century, but these days they’re entirely focussed on keeping traditional culture alive through tourism.

In Asakusa the company behind the numerous rickshaws working the streets is Jidaiya, which has been in the business for more than a quarter of a century. As a company they take great pride in passing on Japanese traditions to the next generation through their unique tours of Asakusa and the surrounding areas.

This spring Jidaiya is adding a special plan that mixes their traditional rickshaw ride with a cherry blossom viewing experience. This “Ohanami Rickshaw Special Tour” plan allows riders to enjoy the cherry blossom trees of Asakusa and Sumida from the comfort of a private open-air vehicle that avoids the typical crowding associated with hanami.

Hop on board during the plan and a rickshaw driver will take you to the very best cherry blossom spots in the area. As a plus, you can keep your energy up with dango and matcha provided during and after the tour.

There are three courses available in the plan:

Asakusa Cherry Blossom Viewing Course
Ride time: 60 minutes
Price: 1 person 14,000 yen, 2 people 20,000 yen
Course example: Jidaiya > Kaminarimon > Sakura-lined Sukeroku Yumedori > Asakusa Shrine > Jidaiya

Sumida Cherry Blossom Viewing Course
Ride time: 60 minutes
Price: 1 person 14,000 yen, 2 people 20,000 yen
Course example: Tokyo Solamachi > Tokyo Sky Tree > Ushijima Shrine > Sakura-lined Sumidazutsumi park > Jidaiya

Sumida & Asakusa Cherry Blossom Viewing Course
Ride time: 120 minutes
Price: 1 person 24,000 yen, 2 people 34,000 yen
Course example: Jidaiya > Sakura-lined Sukeroku Yumedori > Tokyo Solamachi > Ushijima Shrine > Imado Shrine > Sanyabori Park > Jidaiya

Riders will be provided with a box of Kototoi Dango from the Edo-era confectioner to enjoy during the ride, and a mug of matcha upon arrival at Jidaiya following the tour. Alternatively, the Kototoi Dango can be taken home but should be consumed on the same day.

Tours will commence from the 19th of March, but may change depending on the flower bloom situation.
Bookings for tours can be made up to three days in advance via telephone or email.

Asakusa Jidaiya
Phone: 03-3843-0890
Email: info@jidaiya.biz

By - Connie Sceaphierde.