Recently, we introduced an adorable chow chow dog from Japan called Kurizo, who went viral on Twitter for his massive size and irresistibly cute fluffiness. When being picked up by his owner, he looked like a giant dog plushie, too charming to be real. But it seems that’s not all there is to this popular canine, as he went viral again showing off a very different vibe.

While we thought of him as a cute and fun-loving pup, actually he pursues some very intellectual and distinguished pastimes.

In this humorous photo posted by his owner, Kurizo looks quite serious wearing glasses, and has an open book on the table in front of him and a nice alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

Source: @kurizo_chow

As pointed out by the owner in the original Twitter post, he looks just like a bestselling novelist. His admirers commented that they would love to attend his book signing, and professed that he has the aura of an influential figure.

But mostly, everyone was just baffled at the fact that this humanlike set up looks totally natural on Kurizo.

If you want to see more of this multifaceted canine, you can check out his owner’s Twitter page which has plenty of cute photos and videos to enjoy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.