Typically when you're washing dishes, the only things you have to be scared of are dropping something or perhaps the icky feeling of accidentally touching some leftover food.

Japanese Twitter user Nuka (@nukakonoe) recently provided another contender for that surprising crown, however, with a happy-go-lucky sponge that turns into something between a withered Jack-o'-Lantern and cursed mummy after use!

Nuka posted a photo comparing the well-used sponge to a brand new one with the caption "Every time I buy a new one of these I remember that the sponge originally had such a gentle face." It's certainly easy to forget.

Source: @nukakonoe

The "Zubi Zuba" sponge, made by Asahi Kasei, is shaped like a droplet of soap foam with a smiling face. When used for a while it's happy expression gets distorted and turns into something far more grim. Many replied in the comments showing their own experience with their own ghoulish transformations, although some provided proof it can turn into something quite funny as well!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.