In December 2021, two beautiful white shelter cat sisters Pomurin and Powatan found a human caretaker, the current owner of the Twitter account ぽむりんとぽわたん (Pomurin and Powatan) (@pom_powa_nyan).

It seems that it wasn't only the humans living in the community who were interested in their new feline residents, but also the local cats.

Rumors about the fresh new kitty faces didn't take long to spread and soon enough, the local boss cat decided it was time to pay the newcomers a visit. He brought along one of his hench-cats and came by to see Pomurin and Powatan through the window.

Their human took a picture and video of the tense moment as the four felines' had their first encounter.

Reproduced with permission from ぽむりんとぽわたん Pomurin and Powatan (@pom_powa_nyan)

"The local boss cat and his underling came to check them out."

Both cats looked at Pomurin and Powatan very sternly but the boss cat really sized up the two sisters with a penetrating gaze.

It looked like a volatile situation but in fact, it was very peaceful.

You can see the video on the owner's Instagram account:

Their human, who was watching nearby, was really on edge, but as it turns out, there was no reason to worry. The boss cat only let out a short "meow," then made a U-turn and left, along with his underling.

Their human said, "Nothing happened, so I feel relieved that they were recognized at least for the moment."

The Tweet went viral, garnering over 148,300 likes at the time of writing, and eliciting numerous comments such as:

  • "The aura of the boss cat is overwhelmingly different (than that of Pomurin and Powatan)"
  • "What a look that boss has!"
  • "Maybe they came to say hi because (Pomurin and Powatan) have a reputation in the neighborhood for being cute."

It looks like the sisters' first meeting with their sempai cats went down without a problem.

Hopefully, the four of them can become good friends!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.