If you’re a Pokemon trainer who loves cosmetics as much as you love Pokemon battles, Japan is the place to be. We’ve seen a few Pokemon makeup collection releases, from brands such as Shu Uemura and Lovisia, all with either adorable or awesome packaging designs to add Pocket Monster flair to your makeup bag.

Now Maybelline are getting in on the action too, with a collection of five items (including different colours and varieties), all featuring the most famous Pokemon of them all, Pikachu.

The lineup includes some of the makeup brand’s most popular items, with limited edition packaging. The designs include lots of Pikachu silhouettes and lighting bolt motifs as a nod to the Pokemon’s electric attacks.

First up is one of Maybelline’s most popular mascaras, Lashionista. The plastic packaging has a neon Pikachu design to match the bright pink mascara tube, while the item itself has a silver Pikachu motif.

The Brow Ultra Fluffly eyebrow pencil has a similar design, with silver Pikachu and lightning bolt silhouettes.

The Hypersharp Liner, available in black and brown, has also received a Pikachu makeover so you can draw your eyeliner with the same precision as Pikachu delivering attacks during a battle.

Some lip products have been included too, with the Super Stay Matte Ink in four colours. Each one has Pikachu in a different attack pose on the tube’s design.

Lastly, there’s the City Mini Palette’s ‘Rooftop Bronzes’ which has six wearable eyeshadow shades in various subtle hues.

The collection can be preordered from online shopping sites such as Amazon and Rakuten from 25th March, or preordered instore at shops such as Plaza and Loft from 26th March. It will go on sale from 9th April.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.