Pet owners who live in areas with frequent earthquakes sometimes might notice their cats and dogs seeming to sense a quake coming before it's entirely obvious to us humans, and appearing to prepare in advance. After the fact, however, things can become very worrisome as they panic.

That wasn't the case for Maxisi DO (@policohumour), who lives with their two cats. On March 16th, 2022, Miyagi and Fukushima prefecture were struck by a late-night 7.4 magnitude that hit off their coasts.

Maxisi DO was quite anxious to check on the well-being and stress level of their two cats during the earthquake, but was surprised to see their behavior during the quake:

Source: @policohumour

"This is the crisis management ability of my cats, who ran under the desk every time there was a shake. I want to learn from them..."

While the cats are likely unfortunately under duress, many were moved by their tight-lipped and seemingly calm expressions as they adopted the safety protocol of nestling under the desk, leaving comments such as "they're so well-behaved", and "I want to show this to my kids for them to learn."

Earthquakes are no joke, but it can help to be like these two cats when responding to one.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.