For years, the trend of owners getting a laugh at their pet's expense by shaming them on online for their misbehavior-such as eating something they shouldn't have or answered the call of nature in an inappropriate place-with a viral photo, usually with a sign of embarrassment hanging around their necks.

Japanese Twitter user Yua (@yunc24291) recently learned the reverse of that when two of her three cats came to the defense of their recently scolded comrade.

Yua shared a photo of the scene, saying "when I got angry at a cat for misbehaving, I received complaints from the other cats."

Source: @yunc24291

The captured scene plays out just as Yua describes it, with the scolded cat seeming to try and make her feel bad with a forlorn look, while one yells at her and the other frowns in disgust. With over 150,000 likes, it seems Yua now knows the feeling of going viral for being yelled at. Many were charmed by the perfectly timed photo, leaving comments such as:

"The feeling of pressure is incredible. It made me laugh so hard!"

"What a friendly bunch of cats. They are so tight-knit."

"Not just the one who got yelled at, but the friends defending them are so cute."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.