Whether it be gorgeous replicas of the Nichirin Blades from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba or a life-sized Pot of Greed from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Premium Bandai has a way of taking hit anime and manga items and turning them into killer merchandise. This time they are turning to the epic world of Dragon Ball and transforming an actual anime moment into a clever set: a blanket and pot set to seal King Piccolo with an evil containment wave!

The set comes with an evil containment seal plushie jar and a blanket depicting Piccolo being hit by the evil containment wave. When you pull it out of the openable jar, it makes it appear as if you are sealing away Piccolo the way Master Roshi couldn't quite do.

Outside the jar, you can let Piccolo warm you up as you nap, of course.

The blanket and jar set are available to order from Premium Bandai, with arrival expected in September. Those overseas can check out their international shipping.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.