If you wear unusual fashion or carry unusual items around, you're sure to draw attention from passersby.

Such was the case for 葉山葵 Hawasabi (@hawasabi346) when he was out camping recently. As he revealed in a Tweet on March 20th, 2022, when he arrived at the camp, he overheard someone say:

"There's a guy who looks like a Studio Ghibli (character)!"

It's not every day that you hear something like that!

If you know your Studio Ghibli films, chances are you'll be able to guess which supporting character Hawasabi looks like. Take a look and see if you can figure it out:

Reproduced with permission from 葉山葵 Hawasabi (@hawasabi346)

Can't tell yet? How about now?

Reproduced with permission from 葉山葵 Hawasabi (@hawasabi346)

The hardcore Studio Ghibli fans out there will probably have it figured out by now, but this might help those who are still unsure:

Reproduced with permission from 葉山葵 Hawasabi (@hawasabi346)

According to Hawasabi, who lists "military paraphernalia and classic cameras" in addition to camping as hobbies on his Twitter profile, he has a load carrier on his back called a "kraxe" which was used by the Swiss army in the 1920s. The large box is an ammunition box of the former Japanese army, and his uniform is that of the Bulgarian army.

His luggage contains camping gear such as a camping pad, a Polish army tent, a low table, a sleeping bag, a classic lantern, and an icebox.

Since much of his retro equipment isn't as lightweight as modern equivalents, he can't avoid looking the way he does when he goes camping.

He showed what it looks like when he sets up camp in a follow-up Tweet:

Reproduced with permission from 葉山葵 Hawasabi (@hawasabi346)

Hawasabi's look attracted a lot of attention on social media.

If you haven't figured it out by now, the Studio Ghibli character he looks like is Uncle Pom from the movie Castle in the Sky (also known as Laputa: Castle in the Sky) who helped Pazu and Sheeta when they were lost in the mines and tells them about Aetherium that makes the rocks glow as well as Sheeta's crystal pendant.

Some of the comments his photos elicited were:

  • "It looks like he'd say: 'Are you some sort of goblin come to torment me?' lol"
  • "I can imagine encountering him in a cave..."
  • "If you show him an Aetherium crystal, I'm sure his eyes will light up and he'll say: 'Well, goodness! Bless my soul!'"

It must have been quite a sight to see him unloading his gear and camping out...!

By - Ben K.