Scratch posts that turn your cat into a masterpiece of traditional Japanese art and pet beds that let them sleep as adorable instant noodles are just some of the creative goods we've seen to spoil our feline overlords with, so it seems hard to be that surprised at cat goods these days.

Japanese Twitter user @tsukune216 proves that's not the case, with a photo of their cat enjoying a cat box that has many clamoring for one of their own--and proclaiming it the cutest noodle stand around:

A kitty ramen restaurant!

Source: @tsukune216

"Yay! The ramen shop is open!"

The ramen restaurant cat box is inspired by ramen yattai, or stands, that travel on wheels and set up shop by stations in Japan. It even features the design of a signature red lantern with the kanji for 麵 (men, noodles) written on it, and the name of the shop is "Neko Menya", or "Cat Noodle Shop".

One of @tsukune216's cats seems to have taken a liking to the box, and become a natural fit as an adorable feline ramen store owner. Japan has quite a few great variations on cat boxes, such as clever black cat delivery trucks, but there's something about a miniature kitty ramen shop that has cat lovers delighted, leaving replies such as:

"They look just like a stubborn old man who runs a ramen joint."

"I would go to this ramen place everyday."

"You definitely have to order this place's sardine ramen."

If you're looking for a cat ramen stand of your own, you can order one from Cattyman on various websites like Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.