Although we haven’t been able to travel totally freely for a while now, Pokemon has been working behind the scenes on a campaign called ‘Pokemon Air Adventures’ to help invigorate the air travel industry when the situation improves.

Their previous projects include the ‘Pikachu Jet’ and other Pokemon-adorned planes. Now they’re setting their sights on Okinawa with a ‘Flying Pikachu’ project to convince Pokemon trainers to head down to Japan’s southernmost island.

One of the ways the Flying Pikachu will be soaring into fans' hearts is through a collaboration with Blue Seal. This ice cream store started in America, but has been adopted by Okinawa as a representative treat in the region.

The new flavour which has been announced is inspired by the Flying Pikachu, with a mix of yellow and blue. The yellow flavour combines pineapple and shiikuwasha, two Okinawan specialties. The light blue ice cream that represents the sky is a soda flavour. These tastes combine for an especially refreshing dessert. If that’s not Pikachu enough for you, it even comes with a limited-time-only pick featuring one of three random Flying Pikachu designs. It costs 350 yen for a single scoop.

Apart from the ice cream, there’s even some take-home merchandise on offer featuring the Flying Pikachu design. If you order a takeout set of six ice creams (2300 yen), you can get a yellow cooler bag showing the Pocket Monster floating in the sky with balloons.

The new flavour and Pikachu bag can only be picked up at select Okinawa branches of Blue Seal. These are Makiminato Honten, Chatan and Toyosaki.

Lastly there’s an adorable mug parfait on offer at the Blue Seal Ice Park (next to the Makiminato branch). For 2000 yen, you can decorate your own ice cream in the Flying Pikachu design mug. Participants even get to take home both a mug and one of the yellow cooler bags, included in the price.

Check out the Blue Seal website for more information, or the Flying Pikachu project to see more of their Okinawa campaigns.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.