Japanese confectioners Ginza Cozy Corner make Disney desserts so pretty that any Disney fan would love to get their hands on them. They release several limited time only sets every year, inspired by different movies or themes such as Disney villains or animals.

This month's release is themed after one specific scene in one of Disney’s most classic animations. The nine-piece ‘petit gateau’ set takes characters and motifs from the ballroom scene of Beauty and the Beast.

Can you guess who or what each cake represents?

Starting from the top right, there’s a chocolate cream tarte to represent the feather duster, a rose made from a strawberry and milk mousse cake, and a white chocolate cream tarte inspired by the Beast’s castle.

The middle row consists of an orange flavoured cheese mousse inspired by Lumiere, a choco crunch mousse cake made in the image of the Beast, and a mango cream and raspberry cake for Sultan the dog.

Finally the bottom row has a cheese cream roll cake made to look like Mrs. Potts, Belle is a lemon flavour chocolate cream tarte, and Cogsworth is possibly the most conspicuous with his face on a caramel cream coffee roll.

The box is also gorgeously emblazoned with a Beauty and the Beast design and the set comes with some cake picks featuring the characters.

The set costs 3996 yen and will be on sale until early July at branches of Ginza Cozy Corner. It can also be bought online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.