Source: @kaipu1224

Deep fried donut experiment summons Eldritch terror

Cooking doesn't always go according to plan.

Japanese Twitter user Nekopu (@kaipu1224) will be the first to tell you that. Nekopu recently tried their hand at whipping up a batch of deep fried donuts. While we're sure they're very tasty, it appears that their attempt at frying the treats has resulted in the summoning of a Lovecraftian horror.

Nekopu shared a photo of their baking mishap that's being compared to an Eldritch being:

Source: @kaipu1224

"I tried to make a fried donut, but it looks like I've summoned something from another world."

Obviously, the donuts didn't turn out in quite the shape Nekopu was hoping for. Many compared the end result to otherworldly beings, with one person saying "it looks like you made tempura of a person's soul."

According to Nekopu, despite the ghastly appearance, the donuts were made of pancake mix and cooked all the way through, and tasted quite delicious. So perhaps braving the terror was worth it after all!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.