Japanese brand Felissimo are known for their outlandish goods, and they even have a sub-brand inspired by everything magic and fantasy. It’s called ‘Mahou-bu’, which can be translated as ‘Magic Club’.

Their collections include clothing and accessories perfect for young witches, other times they are inspired by the magical girl genre of anime and manga for their pieces.

This latest lineup is themed after another fantasy genre popular in Japan called ‘Isekai’. This means ‘another world’ and its stories revolve around a protagonist who has been suddenly transported to a fantasy world, or some other type of unknown universe.

Four curtains with new original illustrations have been designed, that portray gorgeous, colourful fantasy scenes and feature motifs often seen in the genre.

The ‘tree’ design shows a giant tree that provides the world with its life force and connects heaven and earth.

‘Moon’ portrays a moon that shines even in the daytime, illuminating the fields of flowers.

The ‘castle’ scene expresses a towering castle floating in the sky.

Always a favourite creature in a magical tale, a ‘dragon’ makes an appearance too. The illustration includes a white dragon perched on some mystical-looking ore.

As they can be hung up and taken down easily, these curtains can be used in many ways. Felissimo suggest trying one out as a tablecloth.

These curtains can be copped on Felissimo's online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.