Nippon Broadcasting System in Japan and PONYCANYON USA have just announced the launch of "Anime Roomy," an all-English podcast made by anime fans and for anime fans!

Based on the concept of a fun otaku chat between roomies, the podcast features a lot of anime, from well-known classics to the latest titles, as well as "Funny Nihongo" and "Oshi-kai" that goes beyond anime.

The podcast is hosted by Mikan, Yuzu, Yuri, and Sakura, who are anime fans living in North America and members of PONYCANYON USA's "World Otafy Project," which aims to "otaku-fy" the world with a main focus on "translation by otaku for otaku." The project members are fluent in Japanese, and are involved in anime-related translation and research from their otaku perspectives.


Anime Roomy is available on various distribution sites as well as PONYCANYON USA's YouTube channel, with new episodes going up every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. (JST). In future episodes, special guests such as anime creators and cast members may also be making appearances!

Cast Profiles

Mikan (Character Color: Orange)

"A wholesome girl whose cute smile is her trademark. An accomplished fan artist who loves to share her work with friends. Loves shonen manga and anime based on them. Working toward her dream of becoming a designer."

Yuzu (Character Color: Yellow)

"A cool beauty who’s also the group’s youngest member. Quick-witted and often serves as the MC of the program. Loves cats and anime. A self-proclaimed fujoshi."

Yuri (Character Color: Blue)

"Her kindhearted, nurturing personality makes her the oneesan of the Roomies. Possesses a calming aura. Loves SF and hot-blooded anime. When she gets fired up about one of her many interests, she’s unstoppable."

Sakura (Character Color: Pink)

"A multifaceted comedienne, by turns sexy and hilarious. Loves magical girl anime more than anything. The chameleon of the group, known for her sudden funny interjections."

You can already listen to the first two episodes here:

As you can tell, it's going to be an exciting podcast for those who love Japanese anime and pop culture. If you're interested, follow their official Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and look forward to the next episode!



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