Japan’s official Kirby Cafes are always refreshing their menu and adding new and exciting dishes to the lineup. Sometimes these are inspired by a season or occasion, and sometimes it celebrates the release of a brand new Kirby game.

The newest menu additions, which will be appearing at the beginning of next month, include both reasons. Firstly, there’s a dish to mark the release of the latest game, ‘Kirby and the Forgotten Land’ for the Nintendo Switch, that just came out.

This creation will be very familiar to anyone who has already played the game and witnessed Kirby’s Car Mouth ability. It’s a cake modelled on the Car Mouth food item that can be picked up at the Waddle Dee Cafe. This adorable dessert is made with sponge cake with fruit sandwiched inside, and a strawberry flavour blancmange coating to give it that glossy look.

There’s also two offerings to celebrate Kirby’s 30th anniversary. The first one is the cafe’s classic Kirby Burger which includes a burger with pink bread and a Kirby face on top. Some extra trimmings have been added to make it more festive for the occasion, and you can even get the Kirby face in a retro style as a tribute to the Kirby of yesteryears.

If you go for the burger, you can also pay extra to get an anniversary plate to take home as a souvenir as well.

And the party wouldn’t be complete without a special ‘Happy Birthday Kirby Cake’. It might look as though some random person has already taken a chunk out at the side, but actually that's Kirby’s portion. What kind of birthday would it be if he didn’t get to try his own cake?

These celebratory dishes will appear on the menu from 1st April at both the Tokyo and Hakata branches of the Kirby Cafe in Japan. The ‘Happy Birthday Kirby Cake’ will be bumped off the menu at the end of May. Check out the Kirby Cafe website for the full menu and to book a table.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.