As some of our readers may recall, on the occasion of her birthday, October 31st, Sanrio's Kuromi, the self-proclaimed rival of My Melody known as much for her black hood and pink skull as she is for her mischievous nature, launched the "KUROMIfy the World" project. As the name suggests, the project aims to increase the number of "Kuromies" who share Kuromi's thoughts and actions not only in Japan but also around the world.

In a media blitz that included "hijacking" the popular Shibuya district of Tokyo with posters and an appearance at the 109 department store, Kuromi released the catchy song "Greedy Greedy," her first attempt at singing an original song representing her feelings as a musical artist.

"Greedy Greedy" English version

But now, Kuromi has kept her promise to go worldwide. As of today, March 30th, 2022, the English version of "Greedy Greedy" is available on various music distribution sites. The positive and slightly edgy lyrics remain the same in English, with Kuromi's message of encouraging people to "turn into (the) best version" of themselves.

In addition to the song, a music video was also released featuring a short version of the song and visuals depicting a behind-the-scenes look at Kuromi's “KUROMIfy the World” project.

Greedy Greedy English ver. (partial lyrics)

I can have what I want
‘cause I want it
Who cares? I don’t care (Do Do it Do it)
What they’re thinking

Glitter shower pouring like it’s nothing
No one can stop me (Do Do it Do it)
From being myself
Don’t ask me why, I just want it yeah yeah yeah yeah
I’ve had enough of this (Yawn Yawn)
Come, follow me over here
If we wanna have some fun let’s/ break the rules (Yeah Yeah)

How cool yeah, look at me!
“Turn into my best version, I’ll be every color!”
Aww! Cool look at me!
How cool Ya, look at me!
“I work real hard super-duper ME!”

I want more 'til gravity can't take anymore
So let’s just Do it now Do it now
I wanna love me myself and I more n' more n' more
So let’s just Do it now Do it now

Gotta go gree (Greedy greedy go)
Who are you hiding there? (Greedy greedy go)
Don’t tell me who I am
Greedy greedy We gotta go
What I want is what I need / and you’ll never see me cry

Hashtag Challenge on IG

You can also participate in an Instagram hashtag challenge with winning entries featured on Kuromi's official YouTube channel.

  • Follow the @kuromi_project with your public IG account
  • Film a video using the song “Greedy Greedy” by KUROMI. Copy the dance, or create your own!
  • Post your video to your feed with #KuromiChallenge.(*Posting on IG Stories will not be eligible to win.)

Check here for details.

Kuromi AR Filter

Finally, there's a new AR Kuromi filter for you to try:

Open Kuromi's Instagram account (@kuromi_project) with an AR-enabled smartphone, tap the symbol above the feed, and select AR filters. Click the "Try" button to activate the AR filter and take a photo.

"Greedy Greedy" Kuromi x Imase ver.

On the Japanese home front, Kuromi collaborated with Japanese artist imase, whose original song has over 1.1 billion views on TikTok and is extremely popular among teens, to create a new version of "Greedy Greedy."

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.