As delighted as it makes cat lovers most of the time, there are instances where a clingy kitty who wants to be with them all the time isn't quite so ideal. One of those instances is definitely when you're frying food in the kitchen.

That was the issue for Japanese Twitter user Shuo (@1Shuo), who was busy frying up a batch of croquettes for dinner recently. With splashing hot oil and a lot of concentration needed, it was no place for her very attached cat, Sakutaro, to being hanging around.

But Sakutaro loves being around Shuo so much, she just had to think of a way to accommodate him as she cooked--with a clever solution!

Source: @1Shuo

"A picture of me carrying Sakutaro while frying croquettes."

According to Shuo, Sakutaro loves playing in baskets, so she decided to wear one around her back as she fried the croquettes--preventing any kitchen disasters while also satisfying the cat's need to be by her side and play.

Many on Twitter were touched and impressed by Shuo's solution, and several compared it to the way protagonist Tanjiro carries around his sister Nezuko in a wooden box during the day in hit anime, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.