Whether it be Tokyo's most lauded sweets souvenir or beautifully crafted traditional Japanese confectionery, the adorable aesthetic of Pokémon just seems to have a great affinity for creative dessert making.

Japanese mother Mami Kamioka (@asami_kamioka), an avid baker and published recipe book author, definitely was aware of that when she made an incredible birthday cake for her 5-year-old son.

Applying her artistic baking skills, Kamioka delighted her Pokémon-loving son on his birthday with an awesome strawberry shortcake modeled after grass and flying type Rowlet. It's almost as if Rowlet flew right into their home to surprise her son!

Source: @asami_kamioka

Her son was absolutely delighted by the amazing cake, crafted with a mother's love. However, when Kamioka gave her son some candles to plug into the cake, he turned it into an art project of his own. One that definitely may change your image of Rowlet...

Source: @asami_kamioka

"I made a Rowlet cake for my 5-year-old son's birthday. I woke up at 4am and worked hard on it. When I handed him the candles things got out of control, but I'm happy he enjoyed it. The inside of it is strawberry shortcake."

As you can see, her son decided to stab Rowlet with so many candles that the adorable Pokémon cake now looks like something crossed between Pinhead from Hellraiser, a Jack-o'-Lantern, and a Pokémon horror scene. While Kamioka says she initially stopped her son after the fifth candle, he just felt like celebrating all the way and decided to stick a batch of 14 in the delicious Rowlet.

Many were impressed and amused and left their impressions in the replies:

"Rowlet is a grass-type Pokémon, it's weak against fire...super effective!"

"So cute! Your son must wanted to stick the candles in until he was satisfied!"

"It's amazing that you can make a cake like this...! Your son will never forget this birthday."

Maybe next time Kamioka will choose a water-type Pokémon instead.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.