As different as they are, domesticated cats and lions out in the wild or in a zoo are all a part of the bigger feline family. It often makes you wonder, while their appearances look quite different on the outside from one another, what connections the two cats share as a same species.

One day, Japanese cat owner (@potechi_nikki) decided to put lions on a large TV screen for their cats to see their reactions.

At first, @potechi_nikki's three cats seemed to be very curious and intrigued by the lion on the screen, however, things quickly changed when the lion started roaring.

The expression on their fluff white cat, Okome’s face said it all for just how dramatically shocking it was for them!

Source: @potechi_nikki

"The face of my cat when they saw a lion on TV..."

It's a reaction that really reminds you of who the king of the jungle is. Many Twitter users found the reaction to be amazing, and were surprised to see what the true nature of the normally adorable Okome was.

You can watch the other shocked but adorable reactions of @potechi_nikki's other cats, Potachi and Koyuki, to seeing their bigger feline brethren on TV in the video below as well!

By - Mugi.