Cat owners can often spot behaviours in cats, such as hunting, that remind them of their wild past. But it seems just as often, they can be reminded that domesticated cats have completely left this lifestyle behind and embraced the warmth and comfort of life as a pet.

One Japanese cat owner posted this video on Twitter, and it seemed like proof to many commenters that this kitty has been totally domesticated and left all her wild instincts behind.

The video shows the cat sleeping on her owner’s stomach. She’s totally conked out, and with her mouth wide open, half-open eyes and tongue sticking out, it’s not the most attractive sleeping face in the world.

When the owner tries to wake her, she stays asleep, and even when he starts shaking with laughter, she’s totally content in the same state.

Many commenters simply pointed out how funny her sleeping face is and how dead to the world she is, some comically pointed out that she reminded them of themselves on a day off.

But others took this as proof that all her defence instincts have totally left her, as she left herself totally vulnerable to attack.

As funny as it is, cat owners can only find it heartwarming to see a cat that feels so safe at home that she can rest as deeply as this!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.