The 5-kilometer pathways along the Saho River are known as Nara's largest cherry blossom viewing spot, making for a truly breathtaking area to take in sakura at hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties, illumination events, and simply strolling under nighttime lanterns. Unfortunately, such large cherry blossom parties have been slowed and scarce under pandemic conditions in Japan.

Fortunately there are fantastic photographers like Iori Takano (Twitter, Instagram), who travel the country and remind us of how magical the area's sakura look.

In the past Takano has captured dramatic seasonal changes and stunning mountain temple shots that fooled viewers into thinking they were from an anime.

Now Takano is reminding us how beautiful the Saho river's sakura road is with a picture that some are saying looks like a path to another world.

Source: @_iori_xx21

"The lanterns and nighttime sakura path are so pretty."

The shot perfectly captures the appeal of taking in the winding path that travels under a tunnel of evening sakura, as well as the charming glow of paper lanterns that illuminate them. It's no wonder some were comparing it to an entry portal in an isekai anime.

Many left comments impressed by the view:

"It is an amazing work of art."

"I want to wear a jinbei (traditional Japanese coat) and walk down that path."

"It's so a fantasy world."

For more awesome photography around Japan, be sure to follow Takano.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.