Yusuke Murata, the celebrated artist behind hit manga and anime series One-Punch Man and Eyeshield 21, is known for his exceptionally high level of illustrative skill. The word "genius" is often used by fans when describing his ability, and as evidenced by his (at the time) 10-year-old daughter's amazing artwork, the talent may run in the family.

While Murata may indeed have some insane innate drawing talent, it appears that hard work is also a key ingredient to his success and ability to captivate fans through his illustrations. Murata routinely shares artwork unrelated to his series on his Twitter account, and this has come to include practice drawings.

His latest tune-up drawing stands out among the rest, however. So much that even Murata's most dedicated fans can't believe it's actually a drawing, and a practice one at that. The manga artist posted the following illustration with a simple caption:

"Practice. A drinking glass."

It's certainly easy to believe Murata can draw just about anything, but understandably something of this level was stunning for many. Zooming in on the illustration however, as one commenter suggested, shows it to be Murata's handiwork.

Obviously fans were amazed at the quality of what Murata deemed a practice drawing, but what's telling is the reaction from his peers!

Character and designer Raita Kazama (Xenoblade, XenobladeX, Border Break, Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix) chimed in with:

"Whoooa! Murata-sensei!! I thought this was the real thing!"

Joji Morikawa of Hajime no Ippo fame had extremely high praise as well:

"Please cut it out. I won't be able to even say I work in the same industry as you anymore."

The image has exploded online with praise from fans and those in the industry, with many questioning just how one can get to that level of drawing in practice, and some even calling it "god's work". If Murata's Twitter feed is to be believed, the answer may just be practice itself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.