It's always a good idea to check on and clear out your fridge every once in a while.

This can be much easier to forget about when it comes to seasonings and sauces, which can last for a while but may not be used so regularly.

Japanese musician Sakana Nakasako (@Nakazako) was given a surprising but dazzling reminder of that when he discovered a bottle of mentsuyu, a Japanese light dipping sauce and soup base used for soba and udon noodles, that he hadn't used in four years.

While you may think of that as the starting point for a horrific infestation, Nakasako actually found something inside the bottle that many on Twitter are likening to a treasure hunter's discovery...

Source: @Nakazako

"A 1cm big salt crystal came out of the container of mentsuyu soup stock I had forgotten about for four years."

Inside the bottle, the mentsuyu had formed a strangely captivating salt crystal, which can happen with particularly salty condiments left unattended over long periods of time. As the mentsuyu crystalized, it's dark color added a mysterious gem-like pattern and appearance, fascinating many on Twitter and even inspiring fan art.

Others replied with their own instances of discovering such crystals in their condiments, such as natto sauce and fish sauce, while others have said they look forward to "accidentally" collecting them and admiring them.

Others left impressed and surprised comments by the find:

"If nobody told you it was mentsuyu, you'd think it's a rare jewel."

"I would never intentionally leave seasonings in the ground, but in a way this would be an amazing discovery!"

"When forgotten condiments are unearthed from the fridge, they can transform into treasure!"

There isn't really anyone that would recommend leaving your partially used condiments untouched for four years, but perhaps you don't always need to be so terrified of the result.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.