Born on a cloud in the distant sky on the 6th of March 2002, Cinnamoroll is that lovable white puppy-boy from Sanrio that you’ve probably noticed from his gigantic bunny-like ears.
The character gets his name from his tail, which in its rolled up appearance resembles that of a cinnamon roll. His large ears, which are quite the adorable statement, help the character to fly freely across the sky. Although incredibly shy, the character is very friendly, and is known for falling asleep on the laps of customers at the “Cafe Cinnamoroll” where he works as a signboard dog.

Taking the title of Sanrio’s most popular character on a number of occasions, it seems only fair that Cinnamoroll gets to celebrate his 20th anniversary in as many ways as possible.
There’s been special cakes, glitzy jewellery and unique collaborations, and now, the adorable dog-boy is pleased to share the celebrations with his fans at this Cinnamoroll-themed hotel stay in central Tokyo.

​​The collaborating hotel is Ours Inn Hankyu, which is located in Oimachi, Shinagawa ward. Coincidentally, Cinnamoroll happens to be the official Shinagawa Ward City Tourism Ambassador, so it’s sort of a perfect combination stay for visitors to the area.

There are two types of Cinnamoroll rooms to choose from; one, the “empty room” features pastel blues and whites inspired by the “distant sky” from where Cinnamoroll was born, whilst the other, a “forest room”, is inspired by the wooded area where Cinnamoroll and his friends like to gather.
Both rooms are decorated with fans of the character in mind, with limited edition amenities available to take home. Guests who look carefully might even discover a “secret” Cinnamoroll or two hiding at certain spots in the room.

To make the stay even more special, Ours Inn Hankyu has prepared a “mysterious photo spot” phone application, that allows guests to take original photos and videos with a VR Cinnamoroll in the collaboration rooms.

Both rooms are 22m², and are a comfortable size for 2 to 3 people. Reservations are expected to fill up quickly, so it’s best to book as soon as possible via the online portal (links below) to avoid disappointment.

In addition to the decked out rooms, guests at Ours Inn Hankyu will have full access to the hotel facilities, which includes onsen, saunas and bedrock spas as well as the convenience of being located in central Tokyo

Price for 1 room: from 25,000 yen
Click here for the reservation page for the “Empty Room”
Click here for the reservation page for the “Forest Room”

By - Connie Sceaphierde.