Three years have passed since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and whilst it has caused heartache, loss and wreaked havoc on our daily lives, it has also shown the true power, strength and resilience we human beings possess.
In Japan there is a well known phrase that represents this human “hardiness” – 七転八起 Fall seven times, stand up eight. This phrase has become particularly well known for its connection to the ever-popular Daruma doll, a lucky charm with a rounded body that allows it to always rise back up even when it is knocked down.

Happy Daruma Kobo is a company based in Tokyo’s Adachi ward that focuses on the manufacturing of Daruma dolls. In an effort to bring a little bit of positivity back into the world, the company has collaborated with confectionary company Exceed Co., Ltd., to unveil an edible monaka Daruma doll.

Not only is this doll completely edible, but just like the power of the true Daruma doll it is based on, this monaka also comes with the ability to rise back to its original standing position when poked. This concept makes the monaka a fun treat to enjoy during festivities, anniversaries or as a small gift for family and friends.

The egg-shaped monaka owes its unwavering ability to stand to a helping of chocolate that fills the base inside of the shell and acts as a weight. You can poke the Daruma as many times as you like and it will sway, but it will not fall over.
Alongside the weighted base, a thin layer of chocolate coats the inside of the wafer shell, ensuring each bite is bursting with sweet flavour.
Outside, a cute Daruma design is printed onto the shell using food colouring. There are currently three types of patterns to choose from; “fortune”, “love” and “laughter”, of which the representative kanji is printed onto the abdomen of the Daruma.

During the annual Kyoto Gift Show held back in March of this year, Happy Daruma Kobo’s edible monaka Daruma doll ranked 4th place out of 123 items exhibited at the event.

Currently the Daruma monaka dolls are only available from Happy Daruma Kobo through B2B sales, and as such we’ll be keeping an eye out on which businesses will be selling the treats individually for the suggested retail price of 490 yen a piece.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.