"He thinks it's his poo and he's trying to cover it up!"

TikTok user Ryocharo (0o95rr) couldn't help but make such a comment when he saw his cat's behavior.

Generally, cats make a backward sweeping motion with their paws when they're trying to cover up after they've done their business. At home, this usually happens in their litter box.

However, Ryocharo's cat was doing this on the dining table. Of course, he hadn't pooped there. The reason was a dish of natto.

If you're unfamiliar with it, nattō 納豆 is fermented soybeans, and it's a common side dish in Japan, often served at breakfast time. Like all fermented foods, it can be an acquired taste and it has a pungent smell. While some foreigners learn to enjoy their natto, many more of them (and even some Japanese people) hate it and say it stinks. Ryocharo's cat seems to be in the latter category. In fact, it mistook the dish of natto for its own poop:

Take a look and see for yourself:

@0o95rr #猫 #猫のいる暮らし #うんち #おすすめ #おすすめにのりたい ♬ 猫になりたい - つじあやの

According to Ryocharo, his mother was about to eat natto. When his mother saw the cat's behavior, she said, "I can't eat it anymore!" and closed the lid.

This is not the only time that the cat behaved this way. When Ryotaro's father wanted to eat natto, the cat did the same thing:


♬ うんちバリバリ - Unching Brothers Band

It looks like natto was totally not OK for this one feline.

The cat's behavior elicited comments such as:

  • "I wonder what kind of face my cat would make if I began eating natto in front of it."
  • "I laughed out loud! I'm a bit torn over this, though, since I actually like natto."
  • "My cat once did this to a dish of cream puffs, so maybe it just wants to say: 'I don't want this'"
  • "Did he want to get rid of the strong smell or is he actually rejecting natto...?"

If all this has turned you off trying natto when you visit Japan, the best thing to do is try it at least once. Who knows? You may actually learn to love natto, like this fellow here:

A natto-loving foreigner. Used with permission.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.