One of the biggest highlights of spring in Japan is undoubtedly sakura. When cherry blossoms are in full bloom, many organize hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties to eat and drink around them so they can take in the scenery during the day.

They're just as beautiful at night, and sometimes more, with illuminations under cherry blossom trees creating charming pathways and starry skies adding another level of glow to them.

Japanese photographer Ryogo Urata (@Ryogo_Urata) recently captured the latter in what's being widely praised as Twitter, with some calling it the best photo of nighttime sakura they've ever seen.

One look confirms that the praise isn't all that hyperbolic!

Source: @Ryogo_Urata

"Within the middle of the sakura's frame, it's the shining Milky Way...I'd like you all to see the greatest shot I took last night!"

Urata took the breathtaking shot at Shimokitayama Sports Park in Yoshino, Nara prefecture. While the illuminated full bloom sakura, both their reflection and fallen petals painting the water, and mountain rage are enough to marvel at, the wonder of the Milky Way in a clear night sky makes the picture truly captivating.

Many left impressed replies:

"I'm utterly enchanted by this beauty."

"This is as beautiful as a painting...thank you so much for this wonderful photo."

"I wonder if seeing it in person is even more powerful. Of all the photos I've seen in my life, this is my favorite."

You can follow Urata on Twitter for more amazing photography, like his perfectly timed airport shot and brilliant shrine fireworks photos.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.