When many Americans hear the name Denny's, the immediate image of heaty Grand Slam breakfasts and a smorgasbord of diner food that ranges from burgers to country-fried steak. While Denny's in Japan does have its share of breakfast food, its menu is more of a lighter eclectic mix between western and Japanese dishes, as well as desert, that Japanese family restaurants are known for.

A sample English menu for those curious can be viewed here for comparison.

So even though the world of Japanese capsule toys won't surprise anyone (as it includes Lovecraftian squid/watermelon hybrids and shiba inu with their heads stuck in walls) maker Kenelephant's new release of capsule toys might do just that for the unintiated: a capsule toy series of popular Japanese Denny's menu items!

Thick Cheese Omelet Rice

All Beef Hamburger Steak with Grated Radish and Ponzu Sauce

Stone Oven Baked Boule Bread and Corn Soup (Ice Coffee or Orange Juice drink randomly selected)

Devil's Brownie Sundae

Denny's Sign Stand

The Denny's miniature collection will be available in late April at capsule toy and hobby stores throughout Japan (as individual figures or in blind boxes), as well as their online store, Rakuten, and Yahoo Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.