Bubble tea or boba has been booming in Japan, with it's popularity even seeing the release of tapioca topped pizza and a bubble tea theme park. It's somewhat become the chic drink of choice for city life.

Japanese university student Teruteru (@teruterurururu_) recently wowed the Twitterverse when she showed that boba doesn't just have to come from a fancy city cafe. Teruteru, a Tokyoite through high school, shifted to more boonies-style living when she moved to the more countryside prefecture of Ibaraki to study agriculture.

She shared the fruits of her labor on Twitter saying,

"(breaking news) A university student who was a Tokyo high school girl, after three years of living in Ibaraki was able to make bubble tea from scratch and digging/planting cassava..."


Fresh bubble tea with tapioca made from scratch!

Many on Twitter were wowed and impressed by Teruteru's hard work and dedication to making milk tea from scratch, and especially extracting tapioca from the roots of the cassava tree. It really makes you appreciate just how the popular drink gets made.

Teruteru also shared more photos, including one taken alongside a cassava tree, which is rare in Japan, as well as photos of cassava being crushed in a blender, soaked in water to make starch, and being seasoned, which really breaks down how involved the entire process is!

Cassava tree

Soaking to extract the tapioca starch and making powder

Homemade tapioca!

Many left impressed comments such as "this is too incredible" and "it you really makes you appreciate the hard work that goes into making the things we want."

You can follow Teruteru on Twitter and Instagram, and hopefully see some more farming adventures.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.