Sometimes if you haven't been back home in a while, things can change without you knowing about them.

Japanese Twitter user Yarakashi Taisho (@unrelated_smbkc) got a terrifying reminder of how shocking some changes can be, when upon visiting his parents' home, got quite the scare when seeing the transformation the restroom he had been used to made one night.

"The wall of the bathroom in my parents''s become way more psychotic than before."

The spooky sight has drawn comparisons to murder scenes and just about everything in horror fiction, including the the nightmarish Otherworld of the Silent Hill franchise. As you can imagine, it's not exactly the most welcoming place to settle into a bath!

According to Yarakashi, however, the restroom's macabre appearance is due to an art project his father had when painting his car, but apparently ran out of paint midway through handling.

Maybe next time, he may want to look into some brighter shades of a paint for such a project.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.