Unusual pets are always a surprise for first-time visitors, but for those who come to the home of @kawauso_sakura, the surprise is especially big--and adorable.

@kawauso_sakura lives with her cat Mochi, and as her Twitter handle says, her otter Sakura. The two seem to get on swimmingly and @kawauso_sakura shares their daily adventures. A recent one the two reacting to a guest who came to visit their home recently, and let's just say the duo have a very involved greeting ritual:

The two are definitely very interested in the new scent of the visitor, with Sakura especially excited and standing and holding onto Mochi as they sniff away. Mochi on the other hand seems almost overwhelmed by the otter's zealous reaction.

Many online were delighted to see the two's uniform greeting, and quite jealous of the guest! You can follow Mochi and Sakura on both Twitter and YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.