Last year, we were all in awe of the cuteness of a Shiba inu who was jealous of his owner’s takeout, then overjoyed to get his very own pizza to enjoy. This ‘pizza’ which was made especially for dogs, was the result of a collaboration between Pizza-La, a pizza delivery chain, and Comif Deli, a dog food brand. It was sold in pet shops at that time, but now the treat is back, and now you can even get it delivered like a proper takeout pizza.

The pizza has been dubbed the ‘Wanko Pizza Teriyaki Chicken’, as ‘wanko’ is a cute way of referring to a dog or puppy. The toppings are teriyaki chicken, corn, mushroom, and seaweed, just like Pizza-La’s standard teriyaki chicken pizza.

But of course, everything has been made to be dog-friendly, and even the dough has extra chicken in, to make it overall more meaty and appealing to canines.

So if being the only one with a treat makes you feel guilty, you can include your dog in pizza night too!

The Wanko Pizza Teriyaki Chicken costs 880 yen and is available at select Pizza-La stores in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.