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Cup Noodle traumatizes with terrifying sea monster Seafood lid

Nissin has been known to be pretty playful on their Twitter account, teasing the release of Cup Noodle bath bombs and earphones, and with the existence of Cup Noodle soda, just about any idea they tease seems possible.

Their latest flex of creative humor has some instant ramen fans fearing a Lovecraftian beast, however. Their new design of a special lid for their Seafood Cup Noodle is something that might have you wondering if your meal is about to eat you!

"We made a lid that'll make you wanna scream 'ahhhhhh!!!! There's a squid coming out of my Seafood Cup Noodle!'"

Seafood is one of Cup Noodle's most popular flavors, but even the biggest of its fans might have to say no thanks to this. The expertly crafted tentacles look as if they are actually writing out from the cup of ramen. However, while some are saying it would traumatize children, many left replies saying they would like to buy this version of Seafood Cup Noodle.

Unfortunately the item isn't a commercial product (at the moment...) and is simply a Twitter gag. However, those looking for some interesting Cup Noodle lids can hunt down ones that feature cats and the rare Tibetan Sand Fox!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.